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Etan regularly appears in the national and international press. Looking to write an article about Etan or our products, a trampoline or another product in a competition or give-away, a beautiful price for a colouring competition? Don’t hesitate to contact us for both regional and national purposes.
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Etan is involved in her environment and thus has a positive attitude towards sponsoring purposes. For example, for local gymnastic associations, or charity. Feel free to contact us to find out our possibilities. See below for an overview of sponsor campaigns of Etan:

Hanos via Redband

In April, a campaign was launched in all Hanos establishments in the Netherlands. For every purchase of two boxes of Sportlife chewing gum, the buyers were entered into a competition to win a Topshot Pitch of Etan!

TV children’s show Klokhuis 2012

On 17 April 2012, Etan was the host for the popular children’s show Klokhuis. One faithful viewer had submitted a cool question about trampolines. Gymnast Madelief Hobbelen came to Etan to jump the trampoline for the recordings of the show. The Klokhuis team was very impressed and under the supervision of a camera man, sound man and director, beautiful recordings were made of Dolores and Madelief. Stay tuned by keeping an eye out for the date of the show!

NUON spring issue 2012

In the spring of 2012, the loyalty program of energy provider NUON had an Etan Premium trampoline give-away. The company offers loyal NUON customers a little extra and what’s better than a trampoline? 2012

An Etam Premium trampoline was featured in the memory game on Panoramika! The one who finished the game the fastest, wins a trampoline! This campaign will reach all elementary schools and the game is played by thousands of children and teachers.

VARA Christmas issue 2011

In issues 46, 47, the VARA guide has a call & win competition with no less than 3x an Etan Classic Combi 55 as a prize. The winners will be sent the trampoline before Christmas.

Pompoen children’s magazine 2011

In July 2011, children’s magazine Pompoen (pumpkin) will publish a special theme edition with the emphasis on playing outside. Etan will make its contribution by giving away an Etan Premium trampoline.

VARA spring 2011

A special theme issue “Green”in the VARA guide of April. In this theme issue, attention will be given to preparing the garden for spring and summer and what’s a garden without a trampoline? That’s why Etan is giving away an Etan Premium trampoline in the call & win campaign.

Molecaten recreation park 2011

A colouring competition for all visitors of the Molecaten parks, with as the grand prize an Etan Premium trampoline and as a second prize, a TopShot basketball board! From all entrees, the most original and most beautiful will be chosen.

Tros Kompas 2010

In the Tros Kompas edition 50, 2010, the theme is Christmas. In this edition, two Etan Premium 12 trampolines are being raffled amongst all participants of the solution of the special Christmas puzzle. Start puzzling and win!

Tuinruimers 2010

In the TV show ‘Tuinruimers’ (‘Cleaning out the garden’), gardens are patched up every week. Of course, a garden for children can’t be complete without an inground trampoline. In the show of 17 April 2010, viewers can watch how an Etan Premium trampoline is dug in.

Wesselman interview 2010

A little sneak peek inside the world of Managing Director Ari Verhoeven. Which way is Etan headed? What are the ins and outs of the trampoline wholesaler business? View and find out more about Etan!

Toys and Hobby 2010

Press publication of Etan in the magazine Speelgoed en Hobby (Toys and Hobby) with the theme: having fun playing outside.

Savings campaign J/M for parents 2009

In the months of January, February and March 2009, consumers can save for no less than 20% discount on a Jumpfree Star trampoline.

the Ko brothers - Trampolines

The brothers Ton and Gerard Koopmans have been known for several years under the name Gebroeders Ko (Brothers Ko) as the party duo. They are famous for their many hits and released a hit titled ‘trampoline’ back in 2005. Of course, Etan couldn’t let this slip and gladly collaborated. All of our trampolines in our assortment were used for the recordings of the video clip of this party song, see below for the video!

Make a Wish 2012

Etan has sponsored a large rectangular Etan Premium 1259 trampoline to the Make A Wish foundation! Make A Wish the Netherlands fulfils the dearest wish of children between the ages of 3 and 18 with a life-threatening disease. Fulfilling a dearest wish has a magical effect on every child, but especially on children with a life-threatening disease. It gives the children, who are too often viewed as patients, the power to be a child again. Fulfilling their dream can make all the difference in the world for their future.

Stichting Vlinders 2011

Recently, Etan sponsored Stichting Vlinders (Butterfly Foundation) “give children new wings” for a small amount by giving them an Etan Premium trampoline. Stichting Vlinders fights for all children that cannot live at home due to circumstances. The founders have successfully managed in collaboration with various companies to house children in a home where they take in about 10 foster children. The house is a warm and safe place for them. The foundation and especially the children are very happy with the trampoline; the reaction can be read in the diary section.

Gymnastics association Tabitta Boxtel

Etan is proud of its local gymnastics association and has thus sponsored it for several years and provided the entire team with new track suits!

Tinadag 2008

In September 2008, Etan sponsored the ‘Tinadag’ (magazine fan day). Five trampolines were given away to the winning girls. The campaign yielded a lot of positive publicity in the magazine, on the website and Tinaday itself.

Ronald McDonald children’s fund 2007

Etan donates a certain amount to charity every year in December. The main focus lies on charities that are important to children.